Toshiba - Toshiba Satellite A100 Laptop Adapter

Toshiba Satellite A100 Laptop Adapter price in hyderabad, telangana

Toshiba Satellite A100 Laptop Adapter

    Input : AC100-240V (worldwide use)
    Output : 19V 3.42A
    Power : 65W
    Color : Black
    Connecter size: 5.5mm * 2.5mm
    Item Includes : AC Adapter and Power Cord
    Condition: Brand New and 1 year warranty

This TOSHIBA power adapter Satellite A100 can replace the following original adapters:


Satellite 1000, Satellite 1000-S157, Satellite 1000-S158, Satellite 1005-S157, Satellite 1005-S158, Satellite 1100, Satellite 1100-S101, Satellite 1110-S153, Satellite 1110-SP153, Satellite 1115-S103, Satellite 1115-S107, Satellite 1115-S123, Satellite 1115-SP153, Satellite 1130, Satellite 1130-S155, Satellite 1130-S156, Satellite 1135-S125, Satellite 1135-S155, Satellite 1135-S1551, Satellite 1135-S1552, Satellite 1135-S1553, Satellite 1135-S1554, Satellite 1135-S156, Satellite 1200, Satellite 1200-S121, Satellite 1200-S122, Satellite 1600, Satellite 1605CDS, Satellite 1625CDT, Satellite 1675CDS, Satellite 1695CDT, Satellite 1700, Satellite 1715XCDS, Satellite 1730-S101, Satellite 1735-S101, Satellite 1750-S202, Satellite 1755-S202, Satellite 3000, Satellite 3000-S304, Satellite 3000-S307, Satellite 3000-S353, Satellite 3005-S303, Satellite 3005-S304, Satellite 3005-S307, Satellite 3005-S308, Satellite 3005-S403, Satellite A100, Satellite A100-151, Satellite A100-163, Satellite A100-188, Satellite A100-209, Satellite A100-259, Satellite A100-295, Satellite A100-500, Satellite A100-507, Satellite A100-508, Satellite A100-521, Satellite A100-522, Satellite A100-523

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799 /-