Acer - Acer TravelMate 2420 Laptop AC Power Adapter

Acer TravelMate 2420 Laptop AC Power Adapter price in hyderabad, telangana

Acer TravelMate 2420 Laptop AC Power Adapter

    Input : AC100-240V (worldwide use)
    Color : Black
    Item Includes : AC Adapter and Power Cord
    Condition: Brand New and 1 year warranty

This ACER power adapter TravelMate 2420 Series can replace the following original adapters:

ACER AC Adapter:

Aspire 3620 Series, Aspire 3620A, Aspire 3623NWXMi, Aspire 3623WXMi, Aspire 3628AWXCi, Aspire 3628NWXMi, Aspire 3628WXMi, Aspire 5540 Series, Aspire 5541ANWXMi, Aspire 5542ANWXMi, Aspire 5550 Series, Aspire 5552NWXMi, Aspire 5560 Series, Aspire 5561AWXMi, Aspire 5562WXMi, Aspire 5563WXMi, TravelMate 2420 Series, TravelMate 2420A, TravelMate 2423WXCi, TravelMate 2423WXMi, TravelMate 2424NWXMi, TravelMate 2424WXCi, TravelMate 2424WXMi, TravelMate 2428AWXMi, TravelMate 2440 Series, TravelMate 3240 Series, TravelMate 3242NWXMi, TravelMate 3250 Series, TravelMate 3280 Series, TravelMate 3282NWXMi, TravelMate 3282WXMi, TravelMate 3284WXMi, TravelMate 3300 Series, TravelMate 3302WXMi, TravelMate 3304WXMi, COMPAQ BUSINESS NOTEBOOK NC4010, AC Adapter.

Approximate Price :  ` 
799 /-